I.  Greetings from the President

 II.  Reports
  1. ⅰ.  Report of the 32nd JASH Day
  2. ⅱ.  Report of the 31st JASH Day
  3. ⅲ.Report of the 30th JASH Day
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  5. Report of the 29th JASH Day
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    (A Reporting Presentation of the AMASC Arizona Congress – with Gratitude)
    ⅴ.  Report on the activities of JASH Study Group (2011-2014)
    Click here for the Report on the Activities of JASH Study Group (2011-2014)
    by Yasuko Yamaoka, Chairperson
  1. ⅵ.Report of the 28th JASH Day

    Click here for the Report of the 28th JASH Day
(in Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of JASH)


Greetings from the  President

As of April 2017 I entered the last year of my four year- term as JASH President.
In June, JASH Board was honoured with a visit from Sister Mieko Shinjo, Provincial of Japan Province, who came to talk to us about the Society’s General Chapter, which had met the summer before in Nemi, Italy. The Chapter consisting of the representative RSCJs from all the provinces, regions and areas, is convened every 8 years, and spends over a month in prayer, meditation and discernment, as they try to fathom the will of God, revealed by the workings of the Holy Spirit. From the conclusions reached by the Chapter of 2016, four goals were set for the coming eight years, and as such, were presented to the Sacred Heart Family world-wide as “Calls from the Society” inviting us to join in the efforts to live and work with the spirit of the Foundress Saint Madeleine Sophie. The calls shed additional light on the theme of the Merida Congress “Sophie’s Legacy, a Gift for the World”, while adding a new dimension to JASH Study Group, as they worked on the final wrap-up of their activities of two-and a half years.
The summer was spent in anxiety as many AMASC member countries suffered natural and man-made disasters. Mexico was shaken by large earthquakes, the Carribean region spent months under the threat of major hurricanes, while in Europe terrorist attacks claimed many lives in major cities. In late autumn however, for JASH there was unexpected good news. The president of the University of the Sacred Heart, Sr, Yoshiko Okazaki kindly offered JASH the use of a very large room for its Office, and in addition three small storage rooms for the Archives. This wonderful offer freed us from constant worry which was shared by successive JASH officers. It has also given JASH the possibility to work more closely with the Board as well as the committees, looking ahead and around on a long term basis.
As I leave my post on the 31st of March, I shall be handing over JASH to my successor Naoko Murakami (Sacred Heart School ’74, Sacred Heart University ’78) for whom I have the highest regards. Naoko is young but has an abundance of experience in the alumnae associations Together with the rejuvenated group of officers, I am convinced that she will be able to reach out to the new generation of alumnae, to entice them to come and participate, so that they will be able to witness the value of the “Legacy” which binds, not only JASH but all members of the Sacred Heart Family.

Thank you for following with interest the activities of JASH,
We are grateful for your continued support and cooperation,

Yoko Nakayama (Sacred Heart School, Tokyo ’66)

For Report of AMASC Merida Congress, please click here
For Report of 32nd JASH Day, please click here


ⅰ. Report of the  32nd JASH Day


The annual JASH Day held every year in March, took place this year (2018) on Friday, March 16.  It was held in Miyashiro Hall at the University of the Sacred Heart, and was attended by 170 JASH members including 10 RSCJs.

The program this year was twofold, with a detailed firsthand Report of the XVI AMASC World Congress held at the end of February in Merida, Mexico, and a Presentation by the members of JASH Study Group who had spent two and a half years studying the Theme of the Mandate “Sophie’s Legacy, a Gift for the World”. The young members of AMASC Tokyo Congress Commemorative Fund Committee also made a short presentation on the Theme as heirs to the committee whose chief aim for thirty years had been to awaken the future generation of JASH members to the internationality of the Sacred Heart world.

Lastly, the Officers who had served their term and the incoming new Officers were introduced, and change of leadership was announced. The afternoon ended as the new President addressed the gathered JASH members.

Opening Prayer
JASH Board Member
Sr. Reiko Tanaka rscj


Opening Address
JASH Honorary President   Provincial of Japan Province
Sr. Mieko Shinjo rscj


This year 2018, we hope to turn our thoughts to the second Saint of the Society, Saint Philippine Duchesne. Saint Philippine is one of the first members who together with the Foundress Saint Madeleine Sophie laid the foundation of the Society, but she had a fervent desire to go on a mission to the New World. At every occasion she asked to be sent, and in 1818 she was finally rewarded. As a result of this decision, the Society of the Sacred Heart extended its borders, and spread from Europe to the whole world.~~200 years have passed since, and many celebrations are been planned all over the world.
Last November, Sr. Barbara Dawson, Superior General wrote a letter and called on the Sacred Heart Family with two suggestions。One, to make this year a Year of Prayer、and two, to deepen our commitment to JPIC(Justice, Peace ,Integrity of Creation). Let us respond to this call from the Superior General, and spend this year, our hearts united with the members of the Sacred Heart Family.

President’s Report
Yoko Nakayama


There were two AMASC Congresses during my term as JASH President. Already in 2014, the decrease in membership was felt to be a big factor in weakening the fabric of many of the Associations. In 2018, it became the reason for the European group’s inability to present the necessary number of candidates to form the presidential team. The European group asked for a temporary derogation of the statutes, and after deliberation, it was approved unanimously by the national presidents. A new General Assembly (National Presidents Meeting) will be convened later in the year, and the Board including the Presidency will be voted in.
Within JASH, two major changes took place.  1) Decision was reached by AMASC Tokyo Congress Commemorative Fund Committee formed in 1986, to close and make way for the younger generation. The young members of the Committee have pledged to follow in their footsteps, inherit the spirit of internationalism, and foster among the new generation an interest in the activities of JASH and AMASC.  2) Following the final decision by the Sacred Heart Professional Training College with a history of 70 years in courses in English and Childcare, the Alumnae Association Sanko–kai suddenly found itself without an alma mater. But Sanko-kai Alumnae numbering over 4000 members will remain active within the framework of JASH, which unifies all the alumnae associations in Japan.
The most wonderful news for JASH was the kind offer from Sister Yoshiko Okazaki, President of the University of the Sacred Heart, to use a very large room in the main building as JASH Office, as well as three small rooms for the Archives Committee to store their treasures. This wonderful opportunity freed JASH from years of insecurity. and has given us the  possibility to work more closely with the Board and the Committees.
As my term of JASH President draws to its end, I am happy to be able to introduce to you my successor Naoko Murakami (Sacred Heart S. Tokyo ’74, Sacred Heart U. ’78).who has long been an active member of the local Alumnae Associations. Together with the rejuvenated group of officers, I am convinced that she will be able to reach out to the new generation of Alumnae. May I ask all JASH members gathered here today, for their continued support and interest in the activities of JASH.

Report of the XVI AMASC World Congress
JASH Vice-President
Setsuko Harashina
Shizuko Ozawa

For Report of AMASC Merida Congress, please click here.

Report of JASH Study Group (2015-2018)
Study Group Head
Kyoko Arai


   JASH study for Merida AMASC congress was launched in October, 2015, to pursue the theme: ‘Sophie’s legacy—Gift to the world.’ It was indeed a privilege for us to be given the opportunity of retracing the wisdom and footsteps of our foundress, St. Madeleine Sophie. In February, 2017, AMASC asked us to discuss in depth the calls from the General Chapter. The four calls are as follows:

Live more humanely
Reach new frontiers
Create spaces for silence
Be and act as one body

   The three study sub-groups in Tokyo, and one in Kansai area, had previously chosen a sub-theme and could immediately relate to the call. The group translating Sophie’s wisdom into Japanese and making a calendar chose ‘Create spaces for silence’. “Create a desert and silence in your soul. The Lord is near; listen to God’s voice”. The group exploring Sophie’s travels in the turmoil of 19th century France was inspired by the call ‘to reach new frontiers’. This year marks the 200th year of St. Philippine Duchesne crossing the Atlantic. We are invited to follow her footsteps by leaving our comfort zone and making transformation. The group conducting a research of the graduates embodying the spirit of Sophie learned from their examples what it meant ‘to live more humanely’. The fourth group in Kansai area, away from Tokyo, valued the importance of unity by ’acting as one body’, bearing the motto “In the Sacred Heart of Jesus, One Heart, One Mind” as the basis of their activities.

   The alumnae of the Sacred Heart schools should continue to bear in mind and practice the four calls in our daily lives. Thus we can bear witness to the legacy of St. Madeleine Sophie and pass it on to the future generation.


①Study-subgroup 1
“Sophie’s Words”
Group Leader -Kumiko Mitomi

The decision was reached to translate into Japanese, the “Day at a glance Calendar – The Wisdom of Madeleine Sophie Barat” edited by two RSCJs and published by the US/Canada Province. Aiming for a Correct, Clear, easy to Comprehend  translation, fourteen members worked tirelessly for a whole year, spending several months on proofreading. In January 2018, a limited edition of 500 copies became available, just in time for the 32nd JASH Day.


②Study-subgroup 3
“Sacred Heart Education and 0urselves ~ Inheritors of the Spirit~”
Group Leader – Reiko Abe

Looking into the activities of graduates of Sacred Heart Schools, we were able to introduce several of them using the PP. From among them we decided to organize a Documentary Film Screening Event on the activities of Tomoko Shoho. We were also able to ask her to come and give us a talk following the Film Screening, and were strongly impressed by her ability to empathize with and to act for the “other person”, which is the Spirit that answers the Call to live more humanely.


③Study-Kansai branch
Vice President (Obayashi Mikokoro-kai) – Kikuko Ikeuchi

The Study Group in Kansai had been inactive for a few years, but was able to resume its activities two years ago. We have had 2 lectures on “Sophie’s Legacy “and 11 discussion sessions. We hope to make our Study Group Meetings, a place for all Sacred Heart Alumnae residing in Kansai Area to gather, to share our common heritage and to act in a positive way to contribute to the world.


④Study-subgroup 2
Group Leader -Akiko Karasawa

Using the PP, we traced on the map the many travels made by Mother Barat in her lifetime. Due to the social turmoil in post- revolutionary France, she encountered many difficulties, but through this research we realized that it was her unwavering trust in God, and her ability to put into action her beliefs, that made possible the incredible expansion of the Society of the Sacred Heart.

Young Members of AMASC Tokyo Congress Commemorative Fund Committee
Committee Member – Kumiko Shimizu


The young members of the AMASC Tokyo Congress Commemorative Fund Committee, held study sessions based on the readings from a book published by JASH in 2010 – KIZUNA (The Forty-five years of the History of JASH). Ever since the arrival of the religious in Japan a century ago, and thanks to those who inherited their spiritual and educational aspirations, the Sacred Heart Society’s education has come down to us. There are many cases where we sense our bond with our foundress, Madeleine Sophie. Thus at this session we resolved that it is now our duty to pass on this spirit to the next generation. Two centuries ago, Madeleine Sophie opened her doors from which light were sent forth to spread the spirit of the Sacred Heart. The light having stood the test of times, still continue to shine on us. Indeed, we believe that we ourselves are in fact Madeleine Sophie’s “living” legacy. In order to carry out our duty of passing on this spirit of the Sacred Heart to the next generation, we must be the leaders to keep the Sacred Heart spirit alive.

Report of “Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne 200years in America” Committee
Sr. Hiroko Okui


This year 2018 is 200 years since the second Saint of the Society of the Sacred Heart Rose Philippine Duchesne left France to go to the New World. All over the world, in the houses of the Sacred Heart, preparations are being made for the Members and Family to celebrate together.
Japan Province has called on the Alumnae and the Sacred Heart Schools to join forces in the preparations, and to this end last September, Sister Provincial Shinjo named four members (Yasuko Ito from Mikokoro- kai, Tomoko Hoji from Miyashiro-kai, Sister Hiroko Okui and Sister Chigusa Hayashi) to form a Preparatory Committee.
In order to have more people know about Philippine, we are taking every opportunity to talk about her and introduce her. On November 18th of this year, we are hoping to celebrate with Mass in Commemoration of the Bicentennial, a Lecture and a Tea Party. Already JASH has been posting on the Website the reflections sent by the Bicentennial Committee of the US/Canada Province. Some of them have been translated into Japanese by volunteers. Please take an occasional look when you have a little time.
September 15th of this year has been designated as the “Global Day of Service.” All the Associations will be called upon to offer their activities to the intention of Philippine on that day.
During her whole life, rooted in persistent prayer and courageous action, Philippine searched for the will of God. Because she left France and boarded the Rebecca to go to the frontiers of the New World overcoming many difficulties, the mission of the Society of the Sacred Heart opened up to the world. Wanting to learn from her spirit. we have chosen as our motto:
“Let us overcome  with passion and courage”

Introduction of the Officers who have served their term
Introduction of the Officers 2018

Greetings from the new JASH President
Naoko Murakami


It is indeed a great honor to be asked to take over the duties which such illustrious past presidents have undertaken. My lack of ability and experience tells me that I shall be out of my depth. However having been brought up with the teachings of the Foundress which said “The children of the Sacred Heart are one family” if by fulfilling this role of President of JASH, I am able to be a link between the Society of the Sacred Heart, the local alumnae associations, and JASH which is directly linked to the World Alumnae Association, I may be able to repay a little of what I owe to my alma mater. For this reason I have decided to accept this offer.
Though my ability is limited, with the help of the Officers who will be working with me, I would like to do my utmost for four years, to reach out to the younger members, and be the bridge between generations.

Tea Party   Mini Bazaar
As a new trial, the tea was served after the General Meeting in the Miyashiro Hall Lobby. Tables were beautifully set in the center of the lobby, and while there was lively conversation among participants of JASH Day around the tea-tables, business thrived at the one table shops of the Mini bazaar.

   With JASH Day, all JASH activities for the year 2018 came to an end. From April, a new year will start with President Naoko Murakami at the helm.  Your continued support and cooperation will be much appreciated.

Thank you!

ⅱ. Report of the 31st JASH Day

The 31st JASH Day took place on March 15 and 16, 2017, welcoming President Marisa de Malcher of AMASC, President Chi Hei Chung and Vice President Haewon Youn of KASH (Korea Association of the Sacred Heart.)

The General Meeting on the 15th was attended by 195 JASH members, out of which 13 were RSCJs and Principals of Sacred Heart Schools in Japan. The Buffet Lunch which followed was both a warm family gathering and a lively reunion of old friends sharing happy memories.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Local Associations, Committee Members, Volunteers and Participants whose support made this JASH Day a successful Welcome Event for the AMASC President.

Below, are the details of the two memorable days spent in the company of our very special Guests.


March 13    Arrival: AMASC President Marisa de Malcher from Mexico.
 KASH President Chi Hei Chung and Vice President Haewon Youn from Seoul,

March 15    JASH Day begins.

Prayer Service at the University Chapel
Opening songs by Miyashiro-kai Chorus Group “Nemu-no- kai” —“May the Sacred Heart of Jesus”  “Mater Admirabilis”
Opening Prayer (Sr. Reiko Tanaka), Prayers of the Faithful, Lord’s Prayer  (in English and Japanese)
Closing song “Coeur de Jesus”
Around 180 attendees move from the Chapel to Miyashiro Hall.

General Meeting:
Opening Address Sr. Mieko Shinjo JASH Honorary President, & Provincial of Japan Province, Society of the Sacred Heart
Greetings    Yoko Nakayama JASH President
Committee Reports, Local Association Reports with PP
Address      AMASC President Marisa de Malcher                       

12:10    The Guests are led to Dining Hall A for the Archives Committee’s exhibit:
“JASH and AMASC–a Sixty-Year Timeline”
In Dining Hall B, a Buffet Lunch is prepared by the Hospitality Committee. The crowd
milling around enjoying the sumptuous lunch, visits the mini-bazaar where the local
associations sell their goods. In a friendly and lively atmosphere, the lunch goes on
until 14:30.

14:00     After lunch the Guests visit the recently renovated old residence of Prince Kuni in the
University grounds, known as “The Palace”.

15:00      Meeting of AMASC and Asia held in the Miyashiro House. Activity reports given by
Korea, Japan and India (in absentia, based on the report sent in.) Problems are
shared and information exchanged as Asian Associations within AMASC.
 A report given by President Marisa on the upcoming 16th World Congress in Merida,
Mexico in February 2018.

18:00     A small Dinner at Restaurant “Gonpachi” with the 3 Guests.


March 16      “A Visit to Fuji Sacred Heart School” “Welcome Reception”

8:15       Bright and early, the 3 Guests and 14 JASH Members boarded the bus for Fuji
Sacred Heart School. The weather was beautiful, and what a treat to be able to see
Mount Fuji from the bus window!

10:00     Arriving in Fuji on time, at the Retreat House the Sisters regaled the visitors with
homegrown tea and homemade cakes.
The first visit was to the cemetery, the final resting place of many Sisters of the earlier
days. Flowers were offered, prayers were said and hymns sung for the deceased.
The next destination was the Archives, where the history of the Sacred Heart in Fuji
and in Japan is on display.

Lastly, a look into the School Chapel gave an opportunity to witness the rehearsal for the junior high school graduation ceremony. Three of the students greeted the Guests in English, Spanish and Korean, and the Guests’ response in English was immediately translated into Japanese by one of the students. The students sang the Fuji Sacred Heart Anthem as their farewell, and the visitors left Fuji deeply touched by the thoughtful and warm hospitality.

After a quick Japanese lunch at a local restaurant, into the bus again for the ride back to Tokyo. The Guests took a ride on the Bullet Train which is faster, to be in Tokyo with ample time for the evening program.                            

The Welcome Reception for the AMASC President was held with Her Majesty the Empress of Japan gracing the evening with Her Presence, at the International House of Japan.
The Sacred Heart Sisters, former JASH Presidents and Executives, present Officers, Board Members and Committee Members, a total of 54 attended the event. It was an evening for the Sacred Heart Family who share the common heritage of the education received at the Sacred Heart schools all over the world. 


March 17   Departure: Our dear Guests, Marisa de Malcher, Chi Hei Chung and Haewon Youn returned to their respective countries, with promises of a reunion next year in Merida, Mexico.



(Japan Alumnae Association of the Sacred Heart)

an organization that unites 8 alumnae associations of the Sacred Heart schools in Japan


JASH holds JASH Day in March every year in commemoration of the 8th AMASC Congress held in Tokyo in 1986. After the general meeting, there is a buffet lunch or a Tea Party where all the participants can enjoy talking with one another.
JASH has 8 registered groups of its members overseas. When you move to one of these areas, notify us, and we will let you know the address of the contact person.
JASH has various types of work in which we would like to ask for your help. Please volunteer!


*The merger of Sophia-kai and Miyashiro-kai was reconfirmed at the board meeting of Miyashiro-kai on November 10, 2009.
**Obayashi Mikokoro-kai and Barat- kai were merged at the general meeting of Obayashi Mikokoro-kai on May 2, 2003.
Barat-kai consists of the graduates of Obayashi Senshuka, Senmon Gakko, Senko-ka, and Obayashi Campus of the University of the Sacred Heart.

(Association Mondiale des Anciennes et  Anciens du Sacre-Coeur)

an organization that unites all the alumnae associations of the Sacred Heart schools in the world

AMASC holds the World Congress once in
4 years. Besides the general assembly and elections, a variety of enjoyable events are provided.


JASH Committees

Hospitality Committee JASH-AMASC
Archives Committee Study Group for the AMASC Congress(ad hoc)
Works as part of the network of AMASC hospitality

Inheriting the spirit of AMASC Tokyo Congress Commemorative Fund Committee, aims to provide young JASH members the opportunities encouraging them to be interested and to be involved in the activities of JASH and AMASC

Collects, classifies, preserves and exhibits all historical material related to the Sacred Heart schools in Japan Holds meetings to study and discuss the theme for the next congress