Report of the 29th JASH Day


Report of the 29th JASH Day    (A Reporting Presentation of the AMASC Arizona Congress – with Gratitude)

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In the afternoon of March 17, 2015, under the warm spring sunshine, the rain of
the night before having been dispelled, the 29th JASH Day, reporting on the AMASC Arizona Congress, was held in the Miyashiro Hall of the University of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo.  Over 170 alumnae gathered for the occasion, and after the opening prayer by Sister Reiko Tanaka, the Meeting was declared open by Sister Provincial Mieko Shinjo, Honorary President of JASH.  Following a short opening address by Yoko Nakayama, JASH President, JASH Officers, Presidents of all 8 local Alumnae Associations, and Chairpersons of the three Committees who constitute the JASH Board, took their stand on the stage as they were one by one introduced to the attendees.

  This year’s program was planned as a reporting presentation on the 15th  AMASC
  World Congress held in November 6-9, 2014 in Arizona USA.  In presenting an
  extensive report on the Congress, the intention was to share as much as possible
  the experience of this gathering, making it possible for all to feel as though they

  were a part of the AMASC family. Using the Power Point, Vice-President Setsuko
  Harashina introduced the schedule of the entire 4day-program, while Yoko
  Nakayama gave a detailed account of all the meetings and discussions which took
  place, and the presentations which were given. Lastly, Vice-President Yumiko
  Sakikawa introduced those happy moments during receptions and dinners, and
  brief exchanges at Le Marche (AMASC Market) where members came into contact
  with one another to make acquaintances and form new relationships.

In the second half of the program, Study Group Chair Yasuko Yamaoka and the three leaders of the subgroups gave a report of the presentation given by the Study Group, which was so successful that it became one of the highlights of the Arizona Congress. At the end Kaori Okamura, former secretary of JASH and the Presenter, gave a resume, this time in Japanese. Once again as in Arizona, the presentation was received with wide acclaim, for the depth of the reasoning leading to the final conclusion shared by all three groups.

As the program approached its end, the “Global Dance” video enjoyed by all in Arizona, showing the Sacred Heart School children world-wide dancing to the same music, captured the eyes of the attendees. The scene of the gathering then moved to the Blue Parlor, where the Hospitality Committee had prepared a lovely tea party with cakes and sandwiches. Spring-like flower arrangements graced the tables, and in the Green Parlor, a mini-bazaar was held where the 8 local associations and JASH displayed and sold their goods. The once- a-year get-together of the Japanese Sacred Heart Alumnae seemed to go on forever, with members enjoying encounters, sharing past memories. It was a day for all to be thankful for the tie which binds together those who studied at the Sacred Heart.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to all the participants, and to all the volunteers, whose presence and help made possible the 29th JASH Day.