I.  Greetings from the President

 II.  Reports
   ⅰ.Report of the 31st JASH Day
     ⅱ.  Report of the 30th JASH Day
   ⅲ.  Report of the 29th JASH Day
   ⅳ.Report on the activities of JASH Study Group (2011-2014)
     ⅴ.  Report of the 28th JASH Day


Greetings from the  President

 JASH is an organization with dual purposes, to unify the eight Sacred Heart Alumnae Associations in Japan, and to be a contact point with AMASC, representing the associations at International Meetings and Events. The year 2016, the third of my four years as JASH President, was a year which reminded JASH of the role it must play, not only as a contact point, but as one of 39 countries, districts and groups which constitute the network of AMASC.

 In June 2016, AMASC’ President Marisa de Malcher convened the Mid-mandate Board Meeting in Washington DC. As Asia is not represented in the Board, at the invitation of the President I attended the Meeting as an observer to be able to report to our fellow members of Asia (Korea, Taiwan, India and the Philippines). Thanks to the Mexican mandate, there seemed to be a renewed interest in AMASC among the Spanish speaking community of Latin America, and the common language issue seemed to be at play.

 In Washington DC, the first ever AMASC International Youth Meeting for young alumnae of ages 18-25 was held at the same time and place as the Board Meeting, which gave the Board members a chance to join then for some of the programs. The common language here was English, and nine young Alumni/ae from the US, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Austria, Germany and Japan, supported by their respective associations attended a four day workshop on the theme “Being a Sacred Heart Alumni/ae, as Gift and Commitment”. The report written by JASH representative Futai Ayaka (Mikokoro 94, Miyashiro 63) on her experience, can be read in the newly published 2017 JASH Newsletter from this Website.

 The JASH Study Group launched in 2015 on AMASC’s theme “Sophie’s Legacy” now has 50 members. Three subgroups have been formed, each with its own line of activities aiming to respond to the question, what it means to live the spirit of St. Madeleine Sophie today.

The last event of the fiscal year 2016 was the JASH Day held on March 15 and 16, to which we welcomed AMASC President Marisa de Malcher, KASH President Chi Hei Chung and Vice President Haewon Youn as our guests. A detailed report of the two days is also on this Website, and can be read in English as well as in Japanese.

 The XVI AMASC World Congress will be held in Merida, Mexico in February 22-26, 2018. The culmination of the four years of the Mexican mandate promises to be an exciting event for all the members of the Sacred Heart Family. Please check the Website regularly for up-to-date travel and registration information.

 Asking you for your continued support and cooperation during this coming year,

Yoko Nakayama (Sacred Heart School, Tokyo ’66)



ⅰ. Report of the 31st JASH Day

The 31st JASH Day took place on March 15 and 16, 2017, welcoming President Marisa de Malcher of AMASC, President Chi Hei Chung and Vice President Haewon Youn of KASH (Korea Association of the Sacred Heart.)

The General Meeting on the 15th was attended by 195 JASH members, out of which 13 were RSCJs and Principals of Sacred Heart Schools in Japan. The Buffet Lunch which followed was both a warm family gathering and a lively reunion of old friends sharing happy memories.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Local Associations, Committee Members, Volunteers and Participants whose support made this JASH Day a successful Welcome Event for the AMASC President.

Below, are the details of the two memorable days spent in the company of our very special Guests.


March 13    Arrival: AMASC President Marisa de Malcher from Mexico.
KASH President Chi Hei Chung and Vice President Haewon Youn from Seoul,

March 15    JASH Day begins.

10:30     Prayer Service at the University Chapel
Opening songs by Miyashiro-kai Chorus Group “Nemu-no- kai” —“May the Sacred 
              Heart of Jesus”
 “Mater Admirabilis” 
Opening Prayer (Sr. Reiko Tanaka), Prayers of the Faithful, Lord’s Prayer  (in English
              and Japanese)
  Closing song “Coeur de Jesus” 
Around 180 attendees move from the Chapel to Miyashiro Hall.


11:00     General Meeting: 
              Opening Address Sr. Mieko Shinjo JASH Honorary President, & Provincial of Japan 
                                              Province, Society of the Sacred Heart
Greetings    Yoko Nakayama JASH President 
Committee Reports, Local Association Reports with PP 
Address      AMASC President Marisa de Malcher                       


12:10    The Guests are led to Dining Hall A for the Archives Committee’s exhibit:
“JASH and AMASC–a Sixty-Year Timeline” 
In Dining Hall B, a Buffet Lunch is prepared by the Hospitality Committee. The crowd
             milling around enjoying the sumptuous lunch, visits the mini-bazaar where the local
             associations sell their goods. In a friendly and lively atmosphere, the lunch goes on
             until 14:30.


14:00     After lunch the Guests visit the recently renovated old residence of Prince Kuni in the
              University grounds, known as “The Palace”.

15:00      Meeting of AMASC and Asia held in the Miyashiro House. Activity reports given by
               Korea, Japan and India (in absentia, based on the report sent in.) Problems are
               shared and information exchanged as Asian Associations within AMASC.
 A report given by President Marisa on the upcoming 16th World Congress in Merida,
               Mexico in February 2018.


18:00     A small Dinner at Restaurant “Gonpachi” with the 3 Guests.


March 16      “A Visit to Fuji Sacred Heart School” “Welcome Reception”

8:15       Bright and early, the 3 Guests and 14 JASH Members boarded the bus for Fuji 
              Sacred Heart School. The weather was beautiful, and what a treat to be able to see 
              Mount Fuji from the bus window!

10:00     Arriving in Fuji on time, at the Retreat House the Sisters regaled the visitors with
              homegrown tea and homemade cakes.
The first visit was to the cemetery, the final resting place of many Sisters of the earlier
              days. Flowers were offered, prayers were said and hymns sung for the deceased.
              The next destination was the Archives, where the history of the Sacred Heart in Fuji
              and in Japan is on display.

Lastly, a look into the School Chapel gave an opportunity to witness the rehearsal for
              the junior high school graduation ceremony. Three of the students greeted the Guests
              in English, Spanish and Korean, and the Guests’ response in English was 
              immediately translated into Japanese by one of the students. The students sang the
              Fuji Sacred Heart Anthem as their farewell, and the visitors left Fuji deeply touched by
              the thoughtful and warm hospitality.

12:30     After a quick Japanese lunch at a local restaurant, into the bus again for the ride back
              to Tokyo. The Guests took a ride on the Bullet Train which is faster, to be in Tokyo
              with ample time for the evening program.

18:00     The Welcome Reception for the AMASC President was held with Her Majesty the
              Empress of Japan gracing the evening with Her Presence, at the International House
              of Japan.
              The Sacred Heart Sisters, former JASH Presidents and Executives, present Officers,
              Board Members and Committee Members, a total of 54 attended the event. It was an
              evening for the Sacred Heart Family who share the common 
heritage of the education
              received at the Sacred Heart schools all over the world.


March 17   Departure: Our dear Guests, Marisa de Malcher, Chi Hei Chung and Haewon Youn
                  returned to their respective countries, with promises of a reunion next year in
                  Merida, Mexico.


ⅱ. Report of the 30th JASH Day

The 30th JASH Day was held on March 15, 2016. The attendees of this year’s gathering totaled 179, including the RSCJs, Principals of the Sacred Heart schools, and AMASC Members residing in Japan, who graced the event as invited guests.

The program for this year’s JASH Day consisted of the Opening Prayer by Sister Reiko Tanaka, Opening Address by Sister Provincial Mieko Shinjo, Greetings by JASH President Yoko Nakayama, followed by a Lecture, and Activity Reports from JASH’s local Associations and Committees. It ended with the announcement of the change in the members of JASH’s Administrative Team.

 Hoping for additional insight into AMASC’ s theme “Sophie’s Legacy, a Gift for the World”, for the lecture we invited a very young JASH member Yuka Yamauchi (Obayashi 77, Miyashiro 59). The recipient of the Ninth Sakura Scholarship Award from the Sacred Heart University, and currently a Research Fellow of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), Yuka Yamauchi is working on her doctorate at Kyoto University. We asked her to speak about her field “the education of girls in France in the 19th century”. In her lecture titled “Convent Boarding Schools in the Education of Girls in France” she spoke about how in post-revolutionary France, the rapid shift in political power and the resulting change in government policies, posed many difficulties for religious societies in managing educational institutions. The story of how despite years of turmoil, the Society of the Sacred Heart was able to establish its educational philosophy which to this day stands firm, and succeeded in crossing borders and spreading to many parts of the world, was so interesting that the audience listened with rapt attention.

For the General Meeting, Chairs of JASH Committees and Presidents of local Associations made their activity reports. The Presidents from faraway Hokkaido and Obayashi flew in or rushed over by Shinkansen to make a presentation on their activities held at their Headquarters. Sharing these reports of local activities is one way for JASH to fulfill its role as the unifying organization of the 8 Sacred Heart Alumnae Associations in Japan.

 Lastly, the members of the Administrative Team took their stand on the stage. To the 4 members who served out their term of office, the audience expressed gratitude with applause for their four years of diligence and dedication. The team for the year 2016, including the 4 new members were then introduced, and the Meeting came to a close.

 In the lobby of the Miyashiro Hall, an exhibit looking back on the 30years of JASH Day was on display, and together with the tea party in the Blue Parlor and the mini-bazaar held in the Green Parlor, added color and warmth to JASH Day. Everywhere members could be seen enjoying reunions, renewing old friendship and sharing past reminiscences, and the scene was a tangible reminder of the words of the Foundress “Sacred Heart is one family”.

Our heartfelt gratitude to all the participants and the many volunteers who made possible this year’s JASH Day.


ⅲ. Report of the 29th JASH Day    (A Reporting Presentation of the AMASC Arizona Congress – with Gratitude)

Click here for the Report of the 29th JASH Day    (A Reporting Presentation of the AMASC Arizona Congress – with Gratitude)


ⅳ. Report on the Activities of JASH Study Group (2011-2014)
                                                                      by Yasuko Yamaoka, Chairperson

Click here for the Report on the Activities of JASH Study Group (2011-2014)


ⅴ. Report of the 28th JASH Day

Click here for the Report of the 28th JASH Day (in Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of JASH)





(Japan Alumnae Association of the Sacred Heart)

an organization that unites 8 alumnae associations of the Sacred Heart schools in Japan

JASH holds JASH Day in March every year in commemoration of the 8th AMASC Congress held in Tokyo in 1986. After the general meeting, there is a buffet lunch. All the participants can enjoy talking with one another.
JASH has 7 registered groups of its members overseas. When you move to one of these districts, notify us, and we will let you know the address of the contact person.
JASH has various types of work in which we would like to ask for your help. Please volunteer!

*The merger of Sophia-kai and Miyashiro-kai was reconfirmed at the board meeting of Miyashiro-kai on November 10, 2009.
**Obayashi Mikokoro-kai and Barat- kai were merged at the general meeting of Obayashi Mikokoro-kai on May 2, 2003.
Barat-kai consists of the graduates of Obayashi Senshuka, Senmon Gakko, Senko-ka, and Obayashi Campus of the University of the Sacred Heart.

(Association Mondiale des Anciennes et  Anciens du Sacre-Coeur)

an organization that unites all the alumnae associations of the Sacred Heart schools in the world

AMASC holds the World Congress once in
4 years. Besides the general assembly and elections, a variety of enjoyable events are provided.


JASH Committees

Hospitality Committee AMASC Tokyo Congress Commemorative Fund Committee Archives Committee Study Group for the AMASC Congress(ad hoc)
Works as part of the network of AMASC hospitality Encourages young JASH members to be interested and then to be involved in the activities of JASH and AMASC Collects, classifies, preserves and exhibits all historical material related to the Sacred Heart schools in Japan Holds meetings to study and discuss the theme for the next congress