「感ずべき御母(Mater Admirabilis)」のお祝い日によせて、ローマのAMASC会長より


Dear friends,Mater-1-1024x1005

the holidays are over and life begins again little by little. It is with shyness that we meet our loved ones and friends. The Covid has left its mark on our lives: fear, uncertainty, isolation have marked us.

But we want to be strong and optimistic and we start again…. we have our great strength in that Sacred Heart which is always waiting for us and the Holy Mother who takes us by the hand and accompanies us.

But today I am happy to find you all together to celebrate Mater Admirabilis, the Madonnina who accompanied the years of our youth at school and to whom many of us carried the bouquet on our wedding day.

Mater’s chapel in Trinità dei Monti, with its starry ceiling, makes us feel ‘at home’!

And in these days of ‘rebirth’, contemplating Mater Admirabilis, her serene face, her abandonment, helps us to look with confidence at the unknown tomorrow.

I embrace you with affection


Paola del Prete del Vaglio