Theme of Study for the 2018 Mérida Congress: The Calls of the 2016 General Chapter 



The Society of the Sacred Heart, assembled in General Chapter, asked itself this question: Who does God call us to be? What does God call us to do? As alumnae and alumni, these questions also touch us deeply: in a world rife with change, with a future that is difficult to discern but of which we already detect emerging signs, what is God calling us to?  Which attitudes and actions in our lives allow us to walk towards the future, faithful to the legacy of Madeleine Sophie?

The 2016 General Chapter recognized that we, as people called by God, need to:

Live more humanely
Reach new frontiers
Create spaces for silence
Be and act as one body

Throughout the course of this year, we would like to explore in depth these four objectives through simple instruction cards, which could be discussed in small groups.  This work will help us recognize how to live Sophies legacy today and will serve as preparation for the 2018 AMASC Congress in Mérida.

Our plea to you is to share and disseminate these cards widely so that alumnae and alumni of different generations can discuss them. We would appreciate that, at the end of the process, the groups that have done so send a brief summary of their conclusions by October 31, 2017, at the latest, to

The instruction cards will be sent by mail and published online on the following dates:

Week of March 13 to 17:   Card 1:  Living more humanely
Week of April 24 to 28:   Card 2:  Reaching new frontiers
Week of May 15 to 19:      Card 3:  Acting as one body
Week of October 9 to 13:  Card 4:  Practicing silence