Dear friends,

We are approaching Easter, which brings with it the message of Resurrection. Also of joy, of newness, of life.

The days are getting longer, the colors are changing, life is reborn in nature and the roses on my terrace are beginning to give me their first buds.

And even if it is just a little by little, one can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


I leave you with the words of Pope Francis:

“Easter is the event that brought radical news for every human being, for history and for the world: the triumph of life over death; it is the feast of reawakening and of rebirth. 

Christ is risen! And we have the possibility of opening our hearts and receiving his gift of hope. Let us open our hearts to hope and go forth. May the memory of his works and his words be the bright star which directs our steps in the ways of faith towards that Easter that will have no end.

Easter tells us that God can turn everything to good. And this is not an illusion, because the death and resurrection of Jesus are not an illusion, it is truth.”

Happy Easter to all!

Paola del Prete del Vaglio

Amasc President