イタリア在住のPaola del Prete del Vaglio, AMASC会長から「聖心ファミリーで心を一つにして祈りましょう。」と次のようなメッセージが届きました。


And today I need to talk to all of you, I need to shake the hands of each one of you, to embrace each one of you… and we can do it in a great wave of love and tenderness.

“We are a family.” Those are the words presented in our mandate. As a family, we hold each other, and become stronger!

We do not know how long it will last, nor what awaits us, but we, former pupils and alumni, have decided to live in love and not in fear.

In the morning, when we wake up, we dedicate a few minutes to prayer: may the Lord help the weakest, the loneliest, the world to overcome this tragedy.

Sainte Madeleine Sophie bless your children

Saint Joseph, protector of the Family, bless our family of the Sacred Heart.

Mater Admirabilis holds us in your arms…


With infinite affection, from Italy, your

Paola del Prete del Vaglio

World President of Amasc